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Vaqueria Tres Monjitas Puts a New Dairy Category “Long Life Fresh Milk” on the Retail Store Shelves

Being the first to implement the newly developed MilliSecond Technology

The new product utilizing Millisecond Technology breakthrough enables Vaqueria Tres Monjitas to produce local fresh milk that will last 30 days on the shelf, where currently Fresh Milk only lasts 13.

Vaqueria Tres Monjitas, a 101- years-old company dedicated to the production of fresh milk in Puerto Rico, recently announced the first phase of 10 new products of fresh milk with the longest fresh life in the world. These new products will be available through the implementation of a groundbreaking new technology known as Millisecond Technology (MST).

Millisecond Technology (MST) is a breakthrough, patented pasteurization process that utilize a unique combination of low heat and low pressure to maintain fresh milk’s flavor and nutritional value, while also achieving a highly efficient 8-log bacteria reduction to significantly extend product shelf life. The technology has been developed and tested for more than 15 years by a group of engineers from JCS Process & Controls Systems, MSTC in Russia, and the Center for Integrated Food Manufacturing, Department of Food Science at Purdue University.

The new product launch ceremony included the participation of the Governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Roselló who express “this new product will benefit local farmers by giving them more opportunities to sell fresh milk inside and outside of Puerto Rico and will have a multiplier effect on the economy of the island”.

The executive team of Tres Monjitas assured that these new products respond to the concerns of consumers to have a more durable fresh milk. In average, the fresh milk produced by Tres Monjitas has had a sell by date code of 13 days. With the implementation of the MST technology, their fresh milk products will now have a sell by date code of 30 days in perfect condition for consumption.

The company announced that it will offer the new product in varieties of fresh whole milk, 2% reduced in fat, 1% low in fat and fat-free, in 59oz. packages. It will also offer lactose-free variety of whole milk, 2% reduced in fat, 1% low in fat and fat-free in 48oz. packages. Likewise, the company will sell fortified milk with 67% calcium plus whole milk, without fat, as well as milk with 2% reduced fat chocolate in 32oz. packages.

“This breakthrough technology will transform the dairy industry in Puerto Rico through the reduction of import of Ultra Pasteurized milk and start producing Long Life Fresh Milk” said Jaime Luis Fonalledas, VP executive of Vaqueria Tres Monjitas. Furthermore, the new product will allow Tres Monjitas to expand the distribution of their products to new markets, such as the Virgin Islands were the product will be available in May of this year.

After the impact of two crippling hurricanes in Puerto Rico, the launch of this new product by Vaqueria Tres Monjitas will augment Puerto Rico economy livestock industry while providing consumers a tasty, nutritional and long-lasting product.


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